Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Too tired to blog

So the whole idea about this New Zealand holiday was well not quite a holiday but more of a discovery exercise.

My uncle runs a 30 room motel in Rotorua and my retirement plan was to do something similar so I took this opportunity to come down to NZ to see if I liked  or had the brains to run a motel.
I am glad to report that brains are functioning well and more importantly I actually like it.! It's something I could easily do.  I am damn good at the admin side of things, lets not get into false modesty and just call it as it is, But I do however feel that my people skills are not as good as they should be when welcoming guests.  

I tend to be shy and don't engage people in conversation that easily, but here in beautiful New Zealand with the friendly people I have let my guard down and actually  enjoy chatting with all the different people that walk through the door.....  I am partial of course to the gorgeous men that do walk through the doors..... Perfect opportunity to find a new boyfriend!

It's hard work and the hours are long, and it's not something  you do on your own. But it is something I know I would love to do!

Picture of Happy the cat at the Cleveland Motel Rotorua 


  1. Please don't be afraid to engage with people, if you don't try you won't know. It does not matter what they think of you, as long as you are polite, treat everyone as equals, and smile, I am glad you are letting your guard down. xxx

    1. Its been really fun chatting with people, and yes the New Zealanders are really nice people and make it easy to chat and engage.

  2. Ooo, that is a good retirement plan! Where would you open a motel?

    I want to open a bar one day. Not in the city, but a smaller town somewhere, preferably in another country. Like a motel, it's the sort of thing that would require working every day, but work that involves hanging out and BS-ing with people :)

    1. For now NZ is top contender for where I want to open a motel, but am also thinking of a bar back home! For me the motel is like domesticity and work all rolled into one......perfect!