Thursday, 27 June 2013

If there's a scalpel involved's surgery

So on Tuesday I got an epidermal cyst removed from the middle of my back.
It was infected and the doctor tried to cure it with a shitload of antibiotics but that obviously didn't work so he had to cut, squeeze and drain out fluid, sebaceous build up and blood.  He then packed the little hole he made with gauze to allow fluid to drain and patched me up.  Wednesday I had to go see him again to change the dressing.
yes that is blood seeping out!
 I was in pain with  the cyst getting infected and am relieved than he has cut it all out but recovery is slow and I am still in pain  I guess when one does put scalpel to skin, pain is expected!. I am getting better but sleeping on my back is still too uncomfortable and I cant really do much physical stuff.

I am on another week of antibiotics and painkillers and hopefully when I fly out to NZ on Monday night, I will be all recovered.
One thing though, it's been hard to accept that I can't do everything on my own and do require help to change the dressing on my back. So mum will be coming over each day to change the dressing after I have my shower. Humbling experience actually, to acknowledge that I am not superwoman and do need help......occasionally.


  1. Maybe alcohol will help numb the pain, but then you will have a sore head, so still a lose/lose. Hope you are feeling better soon, only a week to go for your trip, you are gong to have so much fun xx

    1. Had a couple of friends round. And we cracked open the bottle of gin, so yes alcohol is helping! Your visit to Auckland looked like fun too!