Wednesday, 5 June 2013

a popular food storage technique

In Singapore we have to have a decent type of food storage system, as its hot and humid and without a system that cools and stores food, we'd be fucked.

Hence the invention of the Refrigerator.....
shit that needs to go into the fridge

new shiny fridge!
I just got a new one!
so I had to clear out the old fridge and I am certain that I have found an alternative to Penicillin or at least a cure for some disease...
I must have had a dozen cultures going on at the same time in bottled jars of tomato paste, cannellini beans, olives, mustard.........
My bottles, jars in  the old  fridge should have come with a health warning.

But now I have this shiny, clean and bright (my old fridge's light went out years ago and I never replaced the bulb) fridge.  Trying to arrange all the jars ( I keep spices, flour, dried food, dried herbs in the fridge) accordingly in the new fridge was quite a challenge, but I managed.
This new purchase concludes my kitchen upgrade..........


  1. Well done, I am glad that you can see with a light. I wouldn't know what to do if the bulb went out, a bit like you I suspect, best to ignore it. xxx

    1. Absolutely! I ignored it for a few years.....literally, I now have seen the light!