Wednesday, 12 June 2013

next flight out....qantas

So I am booked to leave  on the 1st of July for New Zealand on Qantas.
As you may well know I do so enjoy trying different airlines service, in flight entertainment and of course the gourmet meals and cutlery that they encase in plastic and watch from the sidelines as you struggle with all the packaging, waiting for something to happen so that they can come and tut tut about the mess you made..... anyway

Its interesting how different airlines operate their in flight service.
SIA are like child minders, reminding us constantly before take off to fasten our seat belts and they wander up and down the aisles like discipline mistresses, reprimanding each and everyone that dares to lean their seat too far back or not fasten their seat belts.
Qatar airways - were the kinder, gentler cousins of the discipline mistresses and masters.

Qantas (I have flown them before so can tell you this with certainty) are like the wayward cousins of the discipline mistress.  They told you once and if you weren't adult enough to listen the first time, then its your fucking problem if the plane got into trouble and you were thrown from your seat.....

then we have the things they collect as you land.
SIA - the headphones that you use to watch the movies....they collect them early just when the pilot announces our decent and just when the movies are in their last half hour/15 minutes from the climax of the movie.
Qatar - the blankets - seriously they take our blankets.....
Qantas - nothing, they don't give a fuck

American airlines - I flew this from Houston to Tokyo fleeing the hurricane in 2008.  its been awhile so I do hope they have improved on food, service and entertainment......they actually had that one screen that came down and not individual screens for each passenger.....I am so spoilt!
Air India - if you enjoy bartering with the stewardesses to get your own fucking aisle seat back from that odious man, then by all means this is the airline for you.

Malaysian and Thai - i have flown both to London and no complaints although they also take the headphones back early....must be an Asian airline thing
Budget airlines - no no please no.....but sometimes one has to.....

I will, this time round,  be taking pictures of my gourmet gluten free cardboard meal, someone needs to document the torture.....
two and a half weeks to go before I get another chance to fly and experience another transit lounge this time in Sydney, Australia.  Australia, the destination that makes all Asians feel like drug lords and people smugglers..... I shall so enjoy this next leg of my travels.


  1. My husband bought me noise reducing ear phones for the plane, awesome, recommend them. By the way you are going to freeze in my home town NZ. xxx Rae

    1. You're Kiwi! no wonder I like you! yes my uncle with the sense of humour has said to bring my swimmers as its 37C......dont worry i like the cold....

  2. I certainly hope you enjoy your flight!

    PS - American has not improved in any way shape or form. They are terrible!