Tuesday, 18 June 2013

walk a mile in my shoes

the surprising and shocking news yesterday was Nigella being abused by her rich husband in public.
it filled everyones facebook page and the news feeds and all the entertainment programmes.

everyone has an opinion on what she should do and there is even one Melbourne radio host criticising  Nigella and has called a boycott of her cookbooks till she "makes a stand on domestic violence"
Haven't these Aussie radio hosts learnt their lessons, don't they know when to shut up after that debacle of the nurse that committed suicide!

Its never that simple, this domestic violence thing, and until you experience it first hand, do you realise what its all about.  People ask you, why couldn't you just walk away, leave that bastard.........
You cant,  you don't believe you can just walk away, the abuse is not just physical, its emotional as well and you end up believing that you are responsible for being abused, you deserve the beating, you made him do it. He never wanted to hurt you, but because you didn't follow the rules, you had to be punished.

So Aussie DJ get off your high horse and you may have seen domestic violence through a friends eyes but until you walk a mile in her shoes.............
see the Aussie DJ's reply here


  1. Clearly the Aussie DJ is an idiot. Wish they would stop jumping to conclusions. xxx

    1. Well she did try to clarify her comments, but yes she would think before jumping to any conclusions.