Saturday, 22 June 2013

room without a view....

I live in the epitome of an urbanised city and any view of trees and openness is highly prized.  Even if it is at a major intersection.  I have had that view as my front window overlooks a junction of busy roads  Its not the best of views but it does give me a sense of not being caged in.   I live on the 13th floor of what is our Housing Development Board (HDB) type of flats (apartments) for the masses.  They are subsidised housing which the government introduced in the 60's so that all Singaporeans could own their own homes.  They all kind of look the same, ugly blocks of flats but the majority of us live in these estates in land scarce Singapore.

view on a good day
the crane
When they built the flats, the HDB used any means available to cut costs, hence the lack of back doors and fire escapes (which I have lamented about in past posts) and lifts that do not stop at every floor.
I have to take the lift to the 11th floor and walk up two flights of stairs to get to my unit.  Its a strange layout but I enjoy the privacy as I don't have strange people wandering around corridors peering into my living room and bedroom (that's what happens  to the flats on the corridor levels) and I only have one neighbour on the same floor.

Our ruling fathers, dish out 'upgrading' packages to keep us sweet and recently my estate was included in one such exercise.  We were to get a lift that would serve every floor.  This too is subsidised but we do pay a nominal amount (it is a couple of grand but) It was like a catch 22 for me.  I would lose my view, but get a lift that came right up to my front door.  I am getting older and the stairs aren't my best friend especially when carrying bags of groceries.  But my view!

If they had thought it out properly in the first place, we wouldn't have these ugly add on's and I wouldn't be deprived of uninterrupted views .  Hindsight.....

view on a bad day with haze
no more views?


  1. At least it doesn't take up all of your view, what about the light?

    1. Yes some view is still there, light is still good, but will have to see after they complete the whole thing

  2. Wow, that's fascinating - crummy about losing the view though :( So the upgrades are in the form of a lottery, or something?

    I can't imagine having no back door, I'd have to build my own.

    1. yeah i guess its like some lottery,some bureaucrat somewhere decides which estate has been good(voting the ruling party back in) and we get upgrades.

      i wish i could build a back door ....