Thursday, 7 June 2012

trawling the murky depths of online dating sites or sifting through loads of toads

So I signed on to the  online dating sites to see what comes along.  I wont know unless I try,  right?
Its going to take time to want to date again but I have to take the first step and move on.  I don't want to sit at home and wallow in self pity that he didn't want a relationship.  Its just life! Get on with it!

All the sites tell you that its a free service, but as always there is a catch, you have to pay to interact with people on some sites...... isn't that the whole idea of a dating site??  But I guess you get what you pay for,   I paid for one site and on the other,  I maintain a free profile.  On the free sites you get alot of riff raff, idiots that think just because you are a woman of a certain age, you must be gagging for it!  On the other site, the paid one, you still get the riff raff and the scammers, its just a better quality of riff raff and scammers......

Now  its interesting how a profile is viewed, men tend to steer clear of funny tongue in cheek profiles and they want the woman to be slender, young and serious (but they all want someone with a sense of humour).  At my advanced age, I get a good laugh at looking at these men who are older than me but want women that are 18 - 35!  Are these men serious?  Have they looked at themselves in the mirror, judging by their pictures, no young woman is going to want to be seen with them unless they had as much money as Bernie Ecclestone.
Then there are the scammers.  They always have a picture of a good looking hunk on it, and if you trawl long enough you get to see pictures of the same man in the same t shirt with a different background.  The profile name will be different and some smarter ones will have changed some things in their profiles as well.
Do women fall for it, Yes.  No not me but the papers are full of women falling for men online and sending them money, lots of money.

I am sure its not all  bad, but so far (two weeks of having my profile up) I have got all the scammers and the idiots and the young men that think I must be so desperate that I would jump at the chance of going out with anyone.   Its a game of patience I suppose, and I must learn to sit back and see if anything comes along.......

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