Friday, 15 June 2012

skinny jeans

is actually just jeans for skinny people, people who look like beanpoles, people who don't have curves and a big ass.
So why do other people insist on wearing something that tells you its only for skinny beanpoles?
It does make you want to ask that person who is stuffed into her skinny jeans, if she actually owns a mirror?  or as one of my sisters likes to say " she obviously doesn't have friends".  I don't mean to be hateful here, I am just being honest.
My mother likes to use a phrase in Punjabi, and it does sound funnier in Punjabi,  its like " a dog stuffed in a tandoor"  ok maybe it doesn't sound funny at all in English but trust me its lost in translation!
Where am I going with the dog and the tandoor?  Thats what curvy women look like stuffed into their skinny jeans. (spell check on the word Tandoor says that its a tandoori oven, it not!  the oven is a tandoor, the fucking chicken cooked in a tandoor is tandoori chicken!)

Fashion slaves and victims  need a reality check, just because its in fashion doesn't mean its suited for your body type. I love programs like Trinny and Susannah and Gok Wan and his fashion fixes.  They tell you its ok to be different and have curves, just learn about your body type and wear clothes appropriately.

Now only if I could be brave enough to be honest with friends to tell them that "no skinny jeans don't suit you"

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