Monday, 25 June 2012

shit happens

Its been pretty hard to move on and not keep thinking about A but I am getting there.
I have had to delete his number, delete all those text messages I saved because they were so cute/sexy/a turn on.  I tried to delete all his emails but then went back and moved those back into the inbox, only because I couldnt erase him totally out of my life as he did mean something to me and if I am honest,  still does.
I will keep remembering him  as Singapore is a very small place, the cinemas, the coffeeshops, the place we had our first kiss, our first grope!  heck these places are places I visit often, so yes he will be on my mind.

But I am moving on, I am going to love someone else, its the way the world keeps turning. It doesnt mean I will forget him.  Will I ever be friends with him again, I doubt it.  I doubt I could ever forgive him for not trying harder.  Apart from having my heart trampled on, my ego I am sure, also got bruised.  How dare he say he couldnt compromise, how dare he not want to share my life with me?!  Shit happens.....

To quote the song written by Anthony Newly and Leslie Bricusse  " its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life for me"  and I think I am going to be feeling good too.......

I wont forget him, that would be impossible to do as he did open my eyes and heart  but its time to move on  and let go of him....... in life we have to realise whats good for us and what isnt...... we have to know that in such situations, its just ......shit happens, we just step over it and get on with it.......

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