Wednesday, 27 June 2012

lower than pond scum

So its been a few weeks of trawling the internet for men.... yes its as horrible as it sounds.
I guess as mine is a new profile posted, the scammers target that thinking I am a  desperate middle aged woman.  Boy have they got it wrong!
heres a warning to all women
 ladies if a man contacts you on a dating website and the following is what he says, dont reply, delete!

1.  Your smile is like an angel and God must have put you on this earth for me
2.  Your profile makes me believe you are a wonderful caring person
3.  Your email has made my day
4.  God has brought an angel like you into my life

Avoid this man.  He obviously is either more  desperate than we are or he has something cooking and it aint something tasty!

The scary part is that some women do fall for this.  Ladies there is a voice in our heads that speaks to us, we push it aside because we want to believe.  Dont!!
Listen to that voice!!

Its like a template of sorts that they have.  First they are usually widowers, and their wife was invariably killed in an accident and they have a small child to look after.  Some have also killed off their child!  They also dont have parents, who also somehow were killed in an accident.  or they were brought up by their grandmas.  They also always seem to be world traveled and work either in geology or in the oil business.  The pictures they put up are of gorgeous looking men.

The insincerity practically jumps out of their emails and you know you want to laugh.  I got one recently and even though I wonder whether really, could this guy be genuine, I scroll through the email and I find this
"I have travelled to tons of countries; Russia, South Africa, Namibia, Guinea, Ghana, Brazil, India, Australia, Congo and Guyana. After being a field manager for so many years, I met Ted (a close friend ). We were in the same Physics class back in Southampton Uni, we met at a conference in Dublin. He had also been around like I had, but had definitely done better for himself. He told me the best way forward was by being the pockets behind the brain. At the time I had a respectable amount of money saved up and I also applied for a loan so as to broaden my horizons. Eventually, I invested in a research he steered and in less than 10 months, I had tripled my capital and that even was not on a very large scale"

Yes alarm bells were clanging in my head.  Apart from the fact that he was laying the ground work to ask me to invest in something like this......the rest of the email read like a CV and you know its so fucking full of shit!

 I didnt reply the email, I put it where it belongs, in the trash.

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