Tuesday, 12 June 2012

cant resist anything sweet, baked and creamy

I love desserts.  If I have to, I can forgo the main meal to make sure I get dessert.  I will eat salads all day if I know I have something baked, sweet and creamy coming up at the end of the day.
I doubt I could ever be a spy, cos the enemy would just have to offer me a dessert and I would capitulate, I will spill state secrets if only I could get a bite of heaven.
Cheesecake, eclairs, chocolate cakes, crumbles, bread and butter pudding, creme caramel, creme brulee..... the list is endless.  I think that's why when that blind date didn't ask if we were going to have dessert, I immediately knew in my heart that I would not talk to this man again.
I love to bake as well.  There is this new bakery that has opened close to the office but so far I have resisted the temptation to go try a slice of cake, only because its so expensive and I know I can make a delicious carrot cake with cream cheese frosting at the price they sell one slice!
In my fridge right now, I have all the ingredients for an apple crumble but I resist baking one as I need to lose a couple of kilos ( yes the weight crept up on me recently)  but my reward will be either the crumble or a carrot cake as I cant get it out of my mind!
Indian desserts are extremely sweet and I also know how to make some of them.   deep fried milky balls in syrup or Gulab jamuns,  are my favourite.   then there is the humble rice pudding but done Indian style called Kheer.  My maternal grandfather used to be a dessert king, he also had to watch his weight and my grandmother would watch him like a hawk in case he went digging in the fridge for something sweet.  He used to get us, his grandchildren,  to keep watch for our grandmother while he raided the fridge.
he came up with alot of creative ways to make simple desserts to satisfy his sweet cravings.

I obviously inherited his love for anything sweet.  Its tough but I try my best to stay away from baking and indulging.  I can be good for weeks but then its like one day I have this sugar craving that wont go away so I end up either with lots of chocolate or something sweet and just out of the oven.

Damn all this talk of desserts is just making me want to get home later and put that apple crumble in the oven.....I wonder if the son will be able to pick up some vanilla ice-cream after work...............

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