Thursday, 28 June 2012

kitchen remodelling?

It hasn't started and I wonder if it ever will.  The kitchen desperately needs some work done but I can't muster up enough energy to start tackling the clearing of cupboards, throwing away crap and start with the contractors.
I need a project manager but I can't afford one.
So it has to be me.
Now that I have hired a part time cleaner to help me with the general cleaning, (she comes once a week and I am thrilled  to have that help) I should be a little more free to tackle the issue of the kitchen.  But the lack of energy and motivation is acting like blinkers as I refuse to acknowledge the decay in the kitchen.
The cupboards are old, half broken, faded and look just bloody awful, but I ignore it.  Until I took pictures of the kitchen and posted it on this blog (see old post in May "The Kitchen"), I was happily clueless to the faded and old cupboards.
The thought that I will be without a kitchen for 2 weeks is quite disturbing for me.  I like cooking, I like feeding my family (well its only me and son no 2) but that is one of the ways I know how to look after and love them.  I am not a very showy person with hugs and kisses all the time, so this is one way how I show my love.  By cooking good delicious (I hope) meals for them.

The other disturbing thing is that of all the designers that I got to help me plot a new kitchen, none of them got the idea of my breakfast bar, or where I was going to place my microwave.  They were not listening to what I wanted.  So I may dispense with a designer and go straight to a contractor and make him listen, which in turn will be a bigger headache for me. 

I am so troubled and stressed about this remodeling thing that I wish I could  just forget about it and cross my fingers and toes hard enough that it will  go away....... but nope its still there, the dingy faded kitchen!

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