Thursday, 14 June 2012

hot vs cold

Its been really hot recently.  So hot that if you wear a dress with lining the fucking lining sticks to your body as the dress slides around and you wonder as you walk from the bus stop to the office if everyone can see the lining stick to your midriff, thighs what ever other body part that is dripping with sweat!

red dawn!
I have been doing my best to stay in cotton clothes that will allow the air in and not sweat buckets.  Today however I have to attend some cocktail thing after work (yes another work/hotel related cocktail night) and I have to put on a nice dress and heels.  Not my favourite type of attire at all.  Although A used to say my idea of heels was funny as they were barely 2 inches high, and he also called one pair of my 'heels' my mothers shoes.  but back to the heat.....

Would I fare better in colder climates I wonder.  You can bundle up and try to stay warm but in this humid heat, you cant strip down and wear nothing to work.  Our buildings and buses have the air-conditioning blasting to rival the best arctic locations but once you are outside, you are convinced that within minutes nothing will be left of you except  a puddle of sweat!

Humidity is the killer rather than just the heat.  It frizzes your hair, you can't shop all day in this humid heatwave,  you start to smell as you sweat buckets, your leather shoes and handbags develop mildew if not taken care of and lets not forget that your makeup slides off the minute you step out of the house.  There is one advantage though, the damp is good for the skin!  You don't have dry and itchy skin as all this humidity in the air leaves your skin glowing!

I would however, love to have four distinct seasons. Notice I said Distinct seasons.  Not just four seasons.  We do have  four seasons here in Singapore, its hot & humid, then we have hotter and humid, then we have hot with rain and humid and last of all we have slightly cooler than hot, humid with rain.
We cant indulge in the seasonal fashion and are stuck forever in the " I wish I could wear shorts and a tank top to work" feeling.  We flip through women's magazines and fashion books and wish we too could indulge in the fall or winter fashions with those fabulous coats and boots.  Some women here do try and we only give them pitying looks as we know they are melting in their lovely wool dresses and boots.   But oh to be able to wear them without accumulating a pool of sweat in your armpits!

So yes I wish sometimes I lived far away from the equator as possible and that having it snow in December (or June, depends which hemisphere one lives in) isn't just a pipe dream!

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