Sunday, 17 June 2012

it should be simple

Why isn't it simpler?  Why do we need to go through the ritual of dating with the preening and posturing between the sexes.
Why is there the complication  and the perception of what the other party wants.  Why cant it be like woman or man sees someone they like, go for it and see how it goes.  But its not.  Too many hang ups and too many expectations make people afraid to take the step to cement a relationship.  They dont want the drama that comes with a relationship.
Son no 2 said something about women which had alarm bells going off in my head. He said that there was too much drama with women, they wanted to know where their men were 24/7, and couldnt understand that the men wanted to hang out without them.  Thats not true of all women though.  there are mature, confident women that dont do that.  He just needs to find one of those before he becomes too cynical, jaded and a confirmed loner.
But why isnt it simpler, why dont we just get together, forget the stupid self made rules about all the things one must do on a date, what a date is supposed to be or what men should do before a woman will sleep with a guy.  I am not advocating free sex or sex with one and all.  I am asking who set the expectations, who said we had to do it a certain way. Who said women couldnt ask men out, who said that men had to do the chasing.
Perhaps I am getting too jaded with all the rituals of dating.  perhaps I am getting too cynical about men and how things should be.
Perhaps I do want a man to do it cave man style and say " me man and you  my woman" and drag me off to his cave.......

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