Monday, 2 January 2012

date with sherlock

escapism in the form of movies. my favourite pastime.  I have spent many a days alone in the cinema watching my heroes on screen.  I  go to the movies on my own, I don't think it is a social thing.  how on earth do you sit in the dark with friends and watch a movie, there cant be any talking or sharing of experiences so why bother going with friends!  It is me time, time for me to enjoy that little  bit of escapism.

I went for a movie today, to watch Sherlock Holmes.  I got all excited, got my ticket, the popcorn and sat in the darkened cinema waiting for the ads to come on then the trailers and of course then the movie.  That didn't happen today..... I sat there with my popcorn, waiting for the ads when in the darkness (and it was extremely dark) a woman's voice called out to tell us that there had been a short circuit and could we please be patient for the movie to come on.  15 minutes later, no movie.  we were told they couldn't fix the problem, so out we trooped.  Popcorn in hand, I got my refund and a complimentary ticket and headed home, disappointed that I didn't have my date with Sherlock.
UPDATE - I lost the complimentary ticket!
But I did finally have my date with Sherlock....and he didnt disappoint!

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