Friday, 20 January 2012

the lottery

We all want to win it, except a handful of people I know.  But the rest of us, mere humans, all want to win the big money prize.  I dabble in the local lottery, not religiously, but sometimes, especially when there is the big jackpot.  Humble by international standards, our lottery jackpot is enough for us to queue up patiently and spend a few dollars so that for one day at least we can dream.... what if....
with the tickets safely in my wallet, I spend that day dreaming what if I did win the jackpot.  How would I spend all those dollars?  Who would I share it with, would I share?
Even if our lottery prize isnt enough for us to quit our jobs, it still lets us dream of a more secure future, at least a nest egg for our retirement.
So today I will be dreaming, just for one day only, what if.......

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