Monday, 30 January 2012

when I am gone

I have a morbid fascination with obituaries.   How they are laid out, the picture and the list of family that mourns them and the way the passing is written. I always wonder how they passed on, it usually doesnt state that in the obituary.
I would like my obituary to be the truth about how I passed on.  If it is a peaceful passing, fell off a building, got hit by a truck, whatever... it should state the real reason I kicked the bucket.  My mother has chosen the picture she wants put in the papers for her obituary.  I havent, but I think every year I should let my sons know which picture to use.  No harm in being prepared.  I would hate to have a lousy picture in the papers!

I dont know who will turn up for my funeral, and I wonder what they will remember about me.  Will I be thought of fondly or will they secretly think 'well didnt really like her so who cares if shes gone"
I wonder if I can make sure that only people I like attend the funeral?  a guest list,  and  those not on the list will be turned away at the door!  I want to be cremated, and I dont want any religious rites performed at my funeral.  I dont follow religion so I dont see the point in a religious ceremony to mark my passing.

What will happen to my facebook page and this blog, or my email accounts?  I guess I will have to give someone I trust the passwords and when I pass on, they can access and shut down what ever is required.
There seems to be alot of planning to do and as one gets older, you dont feel invincible anymore.  You realise that even in death you need to plan ahead
time to make that will and to give someone i trust all the passwords and instructions.........................

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