Monday, 9 January 2012

eating out

It takes alot for me to go out and have dinner or lunch or brunch even.  While I do enjoy the occasional night out with family or friends, I mostly like staying home and reading, watching TV, getting on You tube.  However I am trying to go out more and try new restaurants.  There are a dozen blogs already on food and the restaurant scene here in Singapore and no I will not be going down that path.
I think the Asian culture is very much centred around food, any occasion and we will cook or go out to eat.  My parents entertained alot, there were always parties in the house with lots of food and drinks and as we grew older, we participated in the cooking with mum. My brother and I have a good relationship in the kitchen, he dreams, creates the menu and I do!  well actually he does help but his time management sucks and I try very hard to steer the menu back to simple!
But back to eating out
It was my sisters birthday recently and mum and I treated her to dinner at an Italian restaurant in Greendale avenue.  We used to just go to the more familiar places and eat the same old stuff but I wanted something different and thank goodness my sister felt the same. The restaurant was small but it had outdoor seating as well, which is where we sat.  It was a covered area with decking.  It looked very nice but every time a waiter walked past us, the whole floor shook.  That kind of marred the whole experience, anyway... We ordered the antipasto platter and on it was the biggest mozzarella I have ever seen.  It was absolutely divine!  I was pleased as punch that I had moved out of my comfort zone and tried a new place to eat!  That Mozzarella made my week!
Anyway we have decided that once a month we will head out for dinner and try some place new.  Next month after Valentines day (no one in their right mind will eat out on valentines day!) we will head out to try Spanish tapas. We will take Mum along with us too but hmm we may have to gently guide her on the etiquette of complaining in a restaurant!

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