Tuesday, 10 January 2012

being faithful

I have always been a one man woman.  I wonder about men though.  based on all the "facts" out there, men tend to stray more than women, although recent reports indicate that women are now doing the cuckolding.

The ex husband was a philanderer of the worst kind (although I doubt there is a good kind) and that was one of the millions of reasons why I left him.  After the divorce, I found out about all the women that he had bedded and although I did suspect based purely on instinct, I just didn't realise how many of them there were!
It really shook me hard, I lost all confidence in myself as a woman.
Which is why it has taken me so long to try to find a special someone.
How do you know if he is the right person?  How do you know that this person wont hurt you deliberately.  How do you open up and let this one person in, on all your secrets and fears.  I have had my confidence shattered and I don't want a repeat of that.  With this attempt of a relationship I am slowly learning to trust.  But its got to be mutual, the trust and sharing of secrets and fears.
Its all about trust, faith, mutual respect, that's what a real relationship is all about.  the sharing of your whole being,  life, fears and secrets with someone special.  That's how I see it, I wonder if he does too........

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