Sunday, 15 January 2012

who am I

I am stubborn, well that's what my mum likes to say, but I say I know what I want and I don't compromise. (I have been compromising lately and it didn't feel right)
I like being in control of situations
I procrastinate, if I can leave things to the last minute,  I will
I am always on time, I hate being late
I am indecisive, offer me too many options and I will take forever to make up my mind
I am quiet but that doesn't mean I have nothing to say
Music makes me happy
I like escaping to my own world, into a world of movies or books
I hate being late for a movie, I must watch all the ads and trailers
I cry easily and laugh just as quickly too
I hate being teased or being the centre of attention
I enjoy my own company and am sometimes lonely in a crowd
I am frugal, or as my sister says "am so tight I squeak"......but that's only because I know what it is like to count pennies to pay bills.
I love to dance
I am happy in my own skin, full figured and short but hey that's me
I enjoyed smoking, and if I wasn't asthmatic I would still be smoking
I am practical but love dreaming
My favourite time of day is the morning, fresh brewed coffee and my morning paper makes it complete
I am a creature of habit but change doesn't faze me
I don't judge as I hate being judged
I am spoilt, and like my creature comforts
strange places don't scare me
I love food, taste and texture are important to me
I am passionate about all my causes
I love unconditionally and expect the same in return
I do expect even though expectations can lead to disappointments
who am I

I am me

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