Saturday, 31 December 2011

another new year

well its the end of another year.  Have I done everything I wanted to do.....of course not.  I made a resolution this year (2011) to learn how to drive.  I didnt even come close to achieving that!
so this year no resolutions no planned itineraries ....oh wait
maybe that could be my resolution
not to make any plans and see how life goes.......
can I do that I wonder, me the planner, the control freak.
I suppose some planning should be fine, like planning my travel for the year and what I would like to see and do.  Planning my future at work as well will need some planning or some vision.  My personal life now thats where I can learn how to let go and just enjoy what I have.  No more obsessing, no more being driven and wanting to control situations.
so my non resolution for 2012 will be to enjoy life, no obsessing, minimum control and....... oh bloody hell it sounds like another plan!!

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