Sunday, 11 December 2011

pissed again

so we had our office Christmas party a few days ago and it was a rip roaring affair, with alot of tequila shots and more tequila shots.
I do enjoy the occasional tipple and sometimes I do get pissed, plastered and pass out drunk!  its in all the HR articles, all the What not to do at the office party, don't get drunk!  well i did !
It was a damn good party, alot of fun and  everyone let their hair down and made the effort to dress up in the theme "A Hawaiian Christmas".  The atmosphere was fun, and full of camaraderie that I could not help myself!
I was so sure that I could handle the drinks and stay on a maximum of 3 drinks the whole day....... oh how I lie to myself!  I like tequila, I like tequila shots.... a little too much.  After the 10th shot I couldn't count anymore and so at 6.30pm on a Friday evening I was put into a cab headed for home, totally pissed in the back seat.
The next morning I did wonder how on earth did I manage to  pay the cab, and make my way up in the lift and safely home.  Some risks are worth taking but honestly this was dangerous!  will I get pissed again? probably!  in the near future, Probably not!
Well one can hope!

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