Wednesday, 21 December 2011

weight (mis)management

I have a love affair with bread
All sorts of bread, ......... with butter, jams, all sorts of luscious spreads...........
Comfort food to me is hot toast slathered with butter and a generous sprinkling of sugar.  Yummm!
I have recently realised that as I inch up the ladder of  maturity, my digestive system doesn't want to cooperate anymore.  It doesn't let me eat what I want.  It doesn't let me indulge in an orgy of eating bread!  I am  now in the wheat intolerant bracket.  It  bloats me, it makes me windy, it makes me  uncomfortable!  Oh how I wept when I realised I couldn't indulge in my favourite comfort food.
 I was never any good at taking advice, and it frustrates me that I now have to heed all the advice that the doctors give out.   I suppose indulging in bread and toast occasionally isn't too bad and I am looking for alternatives to wheat, like spelt but it doesn't help that I keep putting off the visit to the health food shop.  So for a few more weeks, I can still indulge in all that lovely wheat!
My grandmother used to tell me years ago, to eat what I wanted when I was younger because as one got older one couldn't indulge in rich foods.  She used to be very careful in everything she ate and I was a bit puzzled about why she controlled her eating.   Now I know why!  I do not want to be that old granny that farts and burps loudly all the time just because my digestive system cant cope!
So back to the whole managing or should I say mis managing my weight.  I lose weight and can put it back on within a few days of indulging in all the evils (carbs and all that lovely holiday food now).  I still haven't started some form of exercise and I am due for another blood test to check my cholesterol and sugar levels (I confidently told the doctor that I wanted a retest in three months as I would now be a good girl and eat right.....delusional,  that is me).  I have a month before the next blood test, and it is the Christmas season, with supermarket shelves full of mince pies, puddings, chocolates, cheeses, hams... oh my,  the temptations are endless!
I am not going to make any New Year resolution about my weight and exercising as I  never keep them. I will probably go through 2012, with the same seesawing weight gain and loss.  Added incentive would be that I have all that lovely lingerie that I want to wear for .....

Hmm time to get off my ever increasing backside and start eating right and exercising...... after all,  I do want to feel confident enough to wear that black lace thingy for him....

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