Wednesday, 1 February 2012

looking forward to Paris

Its only February and I cant wait for Paris...   The way I want to spend my half a century on this planet is to travel to the three cities I have always wanted to visit.  Paris, Rome and Florence. 
Planning began with an itinerary, what I want to see and do then the costs for travel and accommodation.   yes there is a spreadsheet!  
My sister in Australia hopefully will be going with me to celebrate this 50th year.  She is actually my cousin but she grew up with us and I don't see the difference whether sister or cousin.  As we both were born in the same year, and to confuse alot of people, we call each other twin.
Anyway we wanted to do something different so its Paris, Rome and Florence.  4 weeks of travel in the 3 cities,  I am all excited.
We have narrowed down the when to end October and November, the where is settled but we may include another city.  Its not going to be a tour with alot of other people, its just going to be us travelling at a leisurely pace and lingering in museums, walking and taking pictures and standing in awe of all the history and romance of the cities.  It will be autumn which is good as we both like the cold, and we are hoping that the crowds will be less at the Louvre and all the other museums we want to go to.  well one can hope...
One of the reasons I wanted to learn how to drive was so that my sister and I could hire a car in Florence and explore the Tuscan countryside by driving, as I still haven't learnt it may be too ambitious of us with only one driver.  Unless  my other sister joins us for that part of the trip..... so that's still a what if scenario.
The planning, the whole thought of being in Paris, Rome and Florence is just one big excitement for me.  I have a list for everything, from the places we must see, to the food we must try to the type of transport we will be using to the packing list! I don't know if the planning is more exciting for me or the trip itself!
All I know is that I am soooo looking forward to Paris and Rome and Florence and my 4 weeks or more away

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