Wednesday, 29 February 2012


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We all want to belong to something, so we stick a label on it and it makes us happy.  From labels like baby boomers, Gen X or Y or in the 80's it was the yuppies and metrosexual in the 90's.  Its all Labels, labels we put on ourselves to give us a sense of belonging.
Even in our relationships we need to stick labels on the type of relationship from love affair, friend with benefit or just plain relationship.  How is one different from the other?  How do we separate the distinctions between all the classifications and labels of a relationship??  Why do we need to stick labels in the first place.
I do chafe at the restrictions that labels place on us but I still sometimes feel safe and comfortable within the confines of that label, like  the labels that I place on myself,  domestic goddess, or mutton dressed as lamb, or middle aged rock chick.  I was asked recently "why can't you just do, why do you need to label it"  Why indeed.  Why do I need to know if this attempt of a relationship is a love affair? It actually has a label all unto itself, one which I am totally confused about and have no idea what to call it.  Why do I need to call it something?  To make it real perhaps, or to make me feel like I belong to something and someone........

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