Tuesday, 14 February 2012

valentine's day

I am not the sort that 'celebrates' valentines day.  I think it is a waste of time and money.  Romantic candlelight dinners that cost the earth, florists that admit that on valentine's day is the day when they actually make their profits for the year!!  What a total waste.  More often than not the poor men have to fork out all that money to please a very demanding woman.  Why!?
How can it be a declaration of love when it is only for a day?   The die hard followers of V day will say that perhaps men do need a day to declare their love because usually they dont bother.  So,  force the suckers to go out one day at least and get the girl a bunch of roses.
Is Romance dead?  There is one couple that I know that defy everything I know about romance and men.  My older sister and her husband.  He will bring her flowers often and he doesnt wait for valentines day.  He always does something special for their anniversary and her birthday.   They arent perfect but the absolute love they share always makes me believe that yes, love can be forever and romance is not dead.
I dont think I would be comfortable if the man in my life would constantly declare that he adores me, but once in a while a bunch of flowers would be nice.  I dont expect it, and definitely not on Valentine's day, but sometimes ......
As women we need some attention, its like a flower, if you dont nurture and water it, it dies. A little attention goes a long way.  So even if you think that Valentine's day is crass commercialism at its best, tell the woman in your life that you are thinking of her.

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