Monday, 13 February 2012


Ever so often I get restless.  I get the feeling of being caged in.  thats when I do stupid things like quit my job. 
Its dangerous because at 49+++ years old no one is going to hire me, Its dangerous because I still have a mortgage to pay and its dangerous because I have mouths to feed.
Staying in this job is the right thing to do, but the feeling of being caged and tied to something I dont like to do just because I have to is eating my insides.Thats is why I need to be my own boss, because my pride, ego and totally wrong ideas about what is right and wrong are always in contest with the powers that be.  If I was my own boss I could set my own policies and I can be the one that is right even if I was wrong!
I hate this restless feeling, it lasts for a few days usually.  Mondays are usually when I quit my job then regret it.  so this time i am going to wait a week and If I feel the same way on Friday, then I will quit and then panic and wonder how the hell i am going to pay the mortgage and feed myself and the son!

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