Wednesday, 1 February 2012

letter to my sons

I count my blessings daily just because I have the two of you.  Its never been about being perfect as you both know I am not.  Its about being who I am.  I thank you both for letting me be me.
I count the two of you as my best friends as well, not just my sons, but of course there is a time and place for me being mum and me being your friend.  You will still get the "look" if you misbehave!

I wish for you to
be good responsible men
be good to old people, animals and the less fortunate
be loving and caring to those you love
dream and don't forget your dreams
choose your partner wisely as they will be the ones who will dream with you
Live your life as you want and not what someone else expects it to be
be confident and stand firm in your convictions
and lastly.........Please clean your room!

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