Sunday, 26 February 2012

in need of a handyman

I am a little handy in the house, I can change a light bulb, screw in a loose screw, paint the home and even do minor repair work for the toilets. I cant however operate an electric drill or change a shower head.  I think that I  probably would be able to learn how to do those things  if I had the time but because of the lack of said time I have to search far and wide for a handy man.
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They aren't easy to find, these handymen.
I usually wait till I have a few minor repairs to do before I call one, and yes that includes changing some light bulbs!  I figure that if they were there might as well get them to do everything!
This time wasn't any different, I had a light switch that needed changing, curtain rails that needed re positioning and of course the major problem was a noise or rather a consistent humming in the pipes in the bathrooms, and a leaky shower.  I called our town council (the people that look after the building) and I was told that I couldn't have anyone come on a Saturday to look at it as the plumber preferred to come see the pipes on a week day!
I was given a hotline number though for after office hours, for the plumber or other matters for our building, and I called them  and they said a man would come around that night to check out the noise and the pipes.  It took him all of 3 minutes to listen to me prattle on about the noise and vibrations in my taps and he declared that it wasn't the buildings  problem and I had to call my own plumber.
I already had an appointment for Saturday for the handyman to come check it out.  I had made it a week earlier but he  missed the first appointment and I had to wait another week.  He finally turned up an hour late, and listened and checked and 10 minutes later said that he didn't have the parts and he would have to come back next Saturday.
So its been 3 weeks of me going back and forth making appointments, taking strange men through my bedroom and bathrooms and I still haven't had the pipes and leaky showers fixed.
I will wait again till the coming Saturday for the elusive handyman, and hopefully this time he will indeed live up to his name.

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