Sunday, 13 November 2011

sadie the cleaning lady.... return of the domestic goddess

My sister in Perth likes to call me Sadie the cleaning lady, apt i suppose as i do like to clean and cook but I of course prefer the title "Domestic Goddess"
 I like the feel of clean floors, dust free shelves and the smell of fresh laundry.   I enjoy doing the physical work of cleaning and dusting and cooking and laundry especially after being in the office all week.  It gives me great satisfaction to sit down at the end of the day and smell the clean in the air. The cleaning and cooking and lets not forget errands, usually occupy my whole weekend  and I grumble about doing it all and having no time to do anything else when deep down I actually like it!  I like being alone and doing all these thing!
I hired a part time maid recently and I fired her too.  She just didnt clean properly!  I admit, I am fussy, I do like to know that the place has been cleaned instead of wondering if the maid has been.  It should shout out to you " I am a clean home" I am willing to pay to have someone come clean for me but I always have trouble as either it turns out they arent legally supposed to be doing part time cleaning or they just not up to my expectations.
I try to plan the weeks menu in my head and know what to buy from the markets so that during the week its easy to take things out of the freezer and make sure I have a good dinner when I want one. I am not one of those that likes to eat out, I would prefer a salad or a sandwich to any hawker/restaurant food anytime.
My favourite dinner of course is breakfast.  Give me cereal or a fried egg and cheese sandwich or even a
scrambled egg with toast for dinner and I am your friend for life!
Its Sunday today and I am up and about and have been to the supermarket, laundry done and am now going to cook a couple of things for dinner and for the freezer.  I am actually excited at the prospect of cooking then cleaning the flat!
somebody help me please!!

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