Tuesday, 8 November 2011

RIP Marco Simoncelli

On October 23rd 2011 in Sepang Malaysia, a very young and talented MotoGP rider died.
I have been a fan of motor sports for a very long time, but it was more the F1 rather than the bikes.  My older son  used to watch the MotoGP and he used to tell me that it was so much more interesting than the cars.  He was right.  I watched the races and fell in love with the speed, the precision and the way they took corners.  Marco  Simoncelli was a young exciting rider who moved into the motogp class in 2010.  He was aggressive and had the balls to race with flair and grace.  I watched him for quite a few years, grow and get better and irritate others and make his mark on the circuit.
I wasnt watching the race that day, it was also the Rugby World Cup Final and I thought I would switch over at half time to see how the MotoGp race was going on.  When I switched over the race wasnt on, and the commentators were discussing and talking about whether the race would continue after it had been red flagged.  it meant only one thing, that there was a serious incident on track.
I dont usually cry when famous people pass on, even if I am a big fan of theirs.  I cried when Aryton Senna died.  I cried again that day when Marco Simoncelli died.  A very young and talented rider that died in an extremely horrific crash.

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