Wednesday, 9 November 2011

the art of sensuality

I have noticed that  women are becoming less womanly, less sensual.  I love being a woman, I enjoy being a woman.  I have never ever wanted to be a man, never thought that things could be better only if I had been born a male.  I am not a girly girl, I don't like pink ribbons or pink cuddly toys or anything to do with Hello Kitty.  I do however like to dress up ( sometimes) and wear high heels, put on make up and play with my earrings and bangles and chains etc etc.  I also enjoy buying lingerie and wearing it.  Yes,  for the man. 
Women may dress for other women but we buy and wear lingerie for our men.  If they tell you any different they are lying through their teeth!  The reaction alone from your man should be enough for you to want to go buy lingerie and see the look of wonder and sheer delight on their faces!

Can women be feminists and sensual she devils? Has it become such that women feel that  they need to be ashamed to want to go out and buy lingerie and let their sensuality shine through.
I like to believe that I am both, the feminist and the sensual sex goddess.  An independent, hard working, sometimes grumpy, sensual woman.
I do not have the perfect figure, I do however try to work at it (I still have to start my exercise routine though)
but that doesn't stop me from buying lingerie that I think will heighten the experience.  Knowing full well that men are visual creatures, why don't we do more to enhance that.  As far as the men are concerned, they don't even see our wobbly bits that we are trying so desperately hard to hide in cotton pyjamas or flannel nightwear!

It is hard for women, to try to be the sensual sex goddess every day especially with  work, or after putting the kids to bed and after doing all the dishes.  But who says it has to be every night. who says you have to try to do it all in one day.  We do have our "i feel fat days" and we also have our "i feel sexy days"  so why do we feel that we shouldn't act on that and bring a little spice and sensuality into our mundane lives!

I know of several women who cant be bothered with lingerie and it is those same women who complain that their men/husbands/partners aren't paying them enough attention and don't bother to help around the house.  I wonder if we women gave the men some incentives, would they still ignore us!  It isn't taking a step back and wasting all the effort and sacrifices that women made to get the vote and to be independent.  It is just another step in the direction of evolution.  I watch Mad Men,I watch the way men treated women.  It was not pleasant, I do not want it to go back to the way it was. I want it to evolve to women being sensual women again and still being able to go out there and be corporate hard headed bitches.

Wouldn't it be nice to sometimes to let the guard down and just be seductively sensual!

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