Friday, 18 November 2011

the foreign workers pin up girl

well not all foreign workers, just those from the Indian subcontinent and for all you philistines out there, its the Bangladeshis, Indians, Pakistani (and in some cases Sri Lankan) workers.  and no they aren't all the same!
It must be my ample bosom and well rounded bottom that appeals to these men cos most days when I walk from the bus stop to  the office I get ogled at by these men.
Are they more open about their ogling I wonder, or is it that they are the only attention I seem to attract!
We do like to be appreciated but being ogled at is quite another thing.  And its not just ogling openly, it is gawking, mouth open, staring, they follow you with their heads turning to watch you walk by!
I understand that,  where they come from women are not seen openly very often. (yes in rural areas, women mostly stay home and most of these foreign workers are from the rural back waters.) it is a form of cultural shock to these poor men.  Perhaps there should be a form of training for them on how to behave in a foreign land and how not to gawk, stare and ogle women!

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