Friday, 25 November 2011

the other relationship

We have several relationships at one time, as long as you have something to do with another person or thing, it is a relationship.  You can have a relationship with your hairdresser, your banker, your electrician, your parents, your kids, it goes on and on... You can also have a relationship with food, and for some of us it can become an obsession.  Its all about food, the tastes, the aromas, the textures.....
I had dinner with some friends recently and I tried deep fried Fish Skins for the first time!  They looked totally unappetising, gnarled, dried looking curly  pale bits.  They tasted divine though and they had their own dipping sauce! I suppose anything that is deep fried will taste good, but these seem to be the perfect accompaniment to a cold beer!  Maybe pubs should start selling this instead of the usual nachos and fries.  Speaking of Nachos in Edinburgh my sister and I went into a pub and had cider and Haggis Nachos.  Now those Nachos were good!  It was my first taste of Haggis and I think it was a good way of introducing a new food….. put it in Nachos!
It is an unhealthy obsession, food.  It is also a comfort  and thats when it becomes a problem.  I tell everyone that I am always on a diet and I am.  I have been on a diet for the last 15 years. I now say its a lifestyle change (yeah right!)
There was the lets not eat just have alcohol diet, which did have its drawbacks!
then there was the eat only salad diet (did you know salad leaves give you gas!!)
then there was the atkins diet (or my version of atkins)
then there was the cabbage soup diet ( this had to be the worst one ever)
The list is endless, so finally I decided to eat healthy and avoid foods that I knew were making me bloated, gassy and just fat (this meant no more big bar of hazelnut cadburys chocolate for dinner)

So far so good, but its hard, hard to keep the weight down.  Exercise to me has always been a dirty word, I will walk and thats about it as thats the only physical activity I enjoy (unless we add sex to the list of activities)  The only other activity or exercise I do do is housework.
 Housework may be a weekly thing, unless I decide to declare the weekend as a non domestic chore day.

so thats my "other" relationship.....the food, that I cant eat because i am supposed to be on a diet.....but that doesnt stop me wanting more.  Hmm I wonder if that relates to all our other relationships........

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