Sunday, 13 November 2011


On the surface I appear to be a very straight laced woman.  Some have also said a very stern looking woman.  Oh if only they knew!
I got my first tattoo in London in 1999.  My sister had already got one and I was fascinated with it!  I wanted one too.
The tattoo artist was a burly Irish man and he did scare me a little, I needn't have worried as it turned out that  he had a very tender touch! My sister wanted another one and I wanted my first one, and somehow we both decided to get a little butterfly on our left breast.  I cant remember who went first but within 15 mins I was no longer a tattoo virgin!  I had been Inked!
As tattoos go its a small one, the size of a Singaporean 20 cent coin, which is pretty small.
They say (one day i have to find out who "they" are) once you get inked you cant stop, and I was itching to get another one and I finally did a few years later on my right shoulder.  No 2 was done in Singapore and I was surprised that I had to hand over my identity card to register my tattoo!!

My body art has meaning, they aren't random bits of ink that I happen to see and suddenty decide I want.  All of them were done only after careful consideration.  No 1 the  butterfly,  to me it symbolised freedom and time to spread my wings.  the second is a Celtic cross and it is the crosses I bear.

I got two more in 2008 .  These were bigger,much bigger.  No 3 is two stars in red and black, and it is for  my two sons, the stars in my life.  the fourth one is a heart done in the Maori design ( I got this done in Auckland, and my uncle drove me there and picked me up after!) and it signifies that my heart is now open.  No 3 & 4 are on my lower back but not low enough to qualify as a tramp stamp ( I hope)

Will I get Inked again?

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