Monday, 28 November 2011

can men and women be just friends

I have always wondered if men and women can just be friends. I always thought it was possible, but certain developments recently have kind of made me rethink that perhaps its difficult.

In one of my earlier posts on dating I talked about men friends and going out for dinner with them occasionally. Just dinner with a friend.  Well once again my naivety has got in the way of my instincts.
Recently man friend 1 decided to ask me where I wanted it to go!!  I didn't realise that he had thought that it was more than just dinner with a friend.  I am not someone who has had several relationships so I have no experience on how to talk to men about this, so its hard for me to tell MF1 that Its only dinner as friends and I don't see it going anywhere else.  Besides, I am in a kind of relationship.   This of course does beg the question of whether I can still go out with other men friends just for dinner or drinks or even a movie?
Which ultimately also begs the question if men and women can be just friends?

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