Sunday, 24 February 2013

things to do before the escape ....part 2

I have been looking up airline fares and of course thinking of how long I want to spend in Europe.
With the passport not collected yet,I can only browse fares and hope I get my passport back in time to get that cheap ticket.
So any thing remotely connected to air travel has me interested, like this article which appeared in our Sunday papers ( also in the New York Times travel section)
Its about noise in the airplane and noise in  our lives
Finding peace during noisy trips mentions a local budget carrier that for a few dollars more will put you in the 'Quiet Zone'
Oh my,  if only all airlines would adopt that zone!  I have always wanted to fly in a child free and quiet zone, its not that I don't sympathise with parents travelling with their adorable little menaces but thing is I have zero tolerance for children that misbehave and parents that are oblivious to their munchkins odious behaviour. I have blogged about this before so am not going to repeat myself. 

Anyway back to the article.
“The sound — that in itself isn’t the problem,” Mr. Puddicombe said. “The problem is the resistance in our mind.”   

The quote from the article made a whole lot of sense.  The article goes on to talk about learning to define the problem and how to deal with it.  ( Its always the obvious that needs to be spelt out and shoved down out throats, hmm so maybe the parents of the obviously odious munchkins aren't aware of their obviously fiendish behaviour?)

It has set me thinking about everything, not just learning how to deal with noise on the airplane, but how to adapt this philosophy to my everyday life. With my imminent travels, I will be exposed to different people and different situations, so I want to be able to 'zone' out and accept.

So lets see if I can "let go of what we want it to be, and move closer to accepting  what  is happening now"


  1. mp3 player and noise-cancelling headphones. those headphones are a miracle. You can pay as little as $30 or as much as $300. Mine are the $30 variety and work great. Headphones are also a signal to fellow travelers that you want to be left alone. Combine a headphone lift with an irritated look and you will DEFINITELY be left alone!

    1. Thanks for the tip, will be looking for those headphones!