Wednesday, 13 February 2013

dating again, episode 1

So I have been dating, the usual one date wonders.

Date 1
Swedish, 46
I was hard pressed to find something to say during the date.  It was a coffee date which was good, you know it will end within the hour! Telling me about his hernia operation wasnt something I thought was first date conversation... but then hey rules have changed!

Date 2
Australian, 52
I liked this one and we had drinks and lovely conversation.  we were supposed to have date 2 but he called the day before that could happen to say that he had met someone else he liked better, and he wanted to pursue that.  ok fine I understand but what I didnt quite get was why was he still active on the website and still trawling?  oh well

Date 3
Indian 44
he looked older, he looked different from his pictures.  He was short and skinny and his clothes looked too big for him, he smelt bad and he had a front tooth missing.  Yes am shallow!! Good thing we met for coffee as I was eager to escape.  He did want to have lunch but I said I had too many errands to run but he did however manage to extract a half promise for lunch on sunday!

I remind myself that it took me a year and a bit of bad dates before I met A and Mr NZ so its not going to be that easy.  I know I will have to date alot of toads and one date wonders before I find someone that will want to have that second and third date.  I am hopeful, but the thought of kissing those toads is making me nauseous.


  1. The idea of joining into the dating thing at our age (I'm 47) is daunting. I'm married,so it's not an issue for me, but I can imagine it. Courage to you!

  2. Oh my.

    I don't think you were being shallow about date 3 at all. If someone smells bad, well, that is just disgusting.

    Part of me wants to say don't kiss any toads, but then again, if you believe in fairy tales one might turn out to be a prince:)

  3. Am just about to give up on fairy tales, so the toads might just get tossed back into the pond.