Wednesday, 13 February 2013

my weighing scales are faulty

So these last few weeks my weighing scale has been acting very strangely.
It got dropped and when I got on the scales a few weeks ago, the weight it displayed was outrageous but it settled itself and went back to being normal.

Then on Monday I got on and the numbers that came up scared me silly!  I was sure the scales were wrong, totally ignoring the fact that I had been eating non stop for the last 3 weeks.

I had put everything I lost last year back on.  Its only a few pounds (well about 5 to be exact!!) but it makes a big difference to my rear end.  My eating of endless bars of sickeningly sweet chocolates had exacted a heavy (pun intended) toll  on my fluctuating weight.

I was so sure last year that I would not put the weight back on.  I eat to make myself feel better with chocolate being  an old and faithful friend that makes me feel good ...... for a few minutes but leaves me feeling guilty and lets not forget that the malt syrup has lots of gluten.
I was back to my old ways of over eating and stuffing my face to compensate for the loneliness and emptiness.
They ( I still dont know who they are but damn, they are smart) say that once you recognise why you overeat or indulge in copious amounts of  junk food, it is the start to helping yourself to stop doing it
Well I hope so, cos I am now back to wearing my'fat' dresses and I fucking hate it!

My asthma and back seem to get worse with the extra weight and I really do not want to go wondering around Europe and NZ wheezing and creaking!
So its time for a food and exercise intervention

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