Wednesday, 20 February 2013

one of lifes necessary

So I  finally decided to get  medical insurance.
My parents neglected to teach us one thing - money management and insurance.
So that is why at a ripe old age of 50,  I am now buying medical insurance.

Insurance is a funny thing.
You pay all this money in the hope you get a disease/condition so that you can stick it to the insurance company and say "pay me suckers"
You cant however claim if you are already sick with something, somehow I missed this logic about why cant you cover me for something I already have and need the help to pay those fucking bills!!
Below is what I cant claim for.........

So I am paying approximately $900 (with about an additional $800 that comes out of a government medical savings plan, oh wait that's my money too) a year not to be able to claim against my asthma, my thyroid and also breast cancer ( yeah so I have a few lumps that the boob man has  been monitoring since 2005 and it could turn into cancer some day and no I will not opt to do a double mastectomy now in case I get breast cancer)

Life's necessary evil - Insurance.

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