Wednesday, 6 February 2013


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A new disease has been baffling experts.  Found mainly in highly urbanised areas, Mondayitis strikes people  in the age range of 25 to 60 in both men and women.

 For now medical experts are unable to determine how the disease spreads and are advising people to be more vigilant and continue to practise good hygiene.  Symptoms include dry mouth, a sudden bout of lethargy, and in some cases, diarrohea, headaches and sweating.
Recent studies also found that Mondayitis usually starts on Sunday nights and  lasts for a day or two and will not leave any scars.  It can however reoccur often.
Researchers have been baffled at the regularity  of how the disease creeps back into a person rendering their  immune system  incapable of fighting the symptoms.
The disease may incapacitate a person for two days but it is rarely fatal.  The disease is known to strike all people from all walks of life and in all nations  across the globe.  The World Health Organisation is working closely with all nations to find the best possible treatment for the disease.

Governments around the world are seriously considering legalising marijuana use for the treatment as the disease has been known to cripple large groups of people at one time. Victims of Mondayitis are hopeful that their governments will allow the use of Marijuana as part of the treatment as conventional types of cures do not seem to alleviate symptoms.

Stay tuned for the latest on the disease................

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