Monday, 18 February 2013

things to do before the escape part 1

The passport, which needed renewing, which meant getting a new picture taken and judging from my current (going to expire) passport this was something that needed careful consideration.  I did not want to look like the wicked witch from the east again in my passport picture.  The immigration guy in Barcelona had a right riot of a time looking at that picture and he even called his colleagues in to take a look and yes, laugh at it!
With a (semi) decent picture taken, all I had to do was fill up the application and post it out - DONE

The home - Here  lies the dilemma, I recently  spruced up the flat a bit and have gotten some plants in,  and all plants need tender loving care and water.  Who will be home to do that?  Son no 2?????
Am afraid there will be plant murder.

Son no 2 is the second dilemma - who will feed, do his laundry and treat the little shit like a king.......
Hmm this may be the best for him, me going off and leaving him to fend for himself,  and trust him with the home.
Yes I have trust issues!
which is why I am going to catalogue all my jewelry (I do trust the son with the jewelry, but not with locking the front door!) and get a safe deposit box for the obscene amount of gold I own (dont judge me I am Indian)

Cleaning, I will  have to ask Lena to continue to do the weekly clean while I am away but,  lovely Lena will have to take a pay cut as I am paying her way above the usual rate just because,  she used to,  when being paid by the hour, do more than the usual 2 hours so I  thought that I might as well pay a flat rate per week and yes I expected the same amount of time and effort.  Yes I am an idiot and have been paying her too much for doing less!  and I wonder why I have trust issues!

There are also a few thing to sort out in regards to credit card and mortgage payments (auto deduction from bank account) then of course my will.
Oh yeah there is one more thing - tell son no 2 that I am going to be away for a bit............


  1. "(don't judge me I am Indian)"

    Hahahaha! You crack me up:)

    Passport photos are the worst! I look like a hungover zombie in mine.

    1. I was thinking of posting the old passport pic but my ego got the better of me!