Friday, 1 February 2013

i got into a strange mans car last night

Its not as bad as it sounds.
He was the guy who came to see me at home about an added security for the front door.  A wrought iron grill gate.

Our flats have simple doors with one lock on them, one could add more locks on the door but what we usually do is have a wrought iron gate in front of the main door which we lock and keep the wooden front door open to  allow the breeze to waft in.  This helps when it gets sweltering hot and hardly any breeze comes through the windows.
It also gives added security, as there would be two locks the thieves would have to pick and not one which would take them longer to get into the flat and by then someone would have heard them and they would get caught....well that's what I think.  It's also an added security in that son no 2 will remember to lock the front door (he has forgotten a few times) if he had 2 doors to lock......well I am hoping.
Anyway back to the strange man

Andy the grill man came over and I was quite happy to sign off on the gate he proposed but what I didn't know was that he wanted a  40% deposit immediately.  I rarely keep more than $50 in my wallet and I don't have a cheque book, so I had to go downstairs with him to an ATM machine which we have right under our block of flats.
The damn cash machine was empty !! (its Chinese New year in about 10 days so everyone has been at the cash machine withdrawing copious amounts of cash to put into red packets which are called HongBaos to hand out to relatives)
So Andy the grill man suggested he drive me to the other cash machine which was about  5 mins away. I did think twice, I did think he was extremely eager to tie things down. But I got in anyway!!

So that's how on Thursday night I got into a strange mans car

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