Tuesday, 25 September 2012

are your boobs smaller??

Not something one wants to hear...
I got asked that twice recently.  Not by men, but by two women that I work with.
What were they doing staring at my boobs!.

With the recent no gluten change in my daily diet, I have lost weight.  It is a lifestyle change and I will continue this as much as I can.
I dont want to lose too much weight, cos as one ages, being too skinny just makes one look more lined and old.  Sarah Jessica Parker comes to mind.  too skinny!!

I wish we could control where we lose the weight and not have it fall off my lovely girls. Its not just men that are obsessed by boobs.  Women are too.  We look at other women and we like to guess if the bra is padded, push up, the boobs natural or fake.  and if the boobs turn out to be fake, or in a padded to the max bra, we get all smug and feel better that someone else has smaller boobs than we do!
Not me though, seriously.  I do admire a nice rack, I do comment on them, but I dont feel inadequate about my girls.  I always had the best boobs in the house.  So I didnt know or care about how big my boobs were, until now.  I got used to having nice boobs.

So the idea is not to lose too much weight and hope to god if I do lose more weight they wont fall off my boobs!

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