Tuesday, 18 September 2012

forbidden fruit

There have been a few cases in the papers recently about women teachers having it on with their teenage students.  Boys or young men about 15 years old or so.  As a mother of two young men, I got all high and mighty and appalled at these women.  How dare they seduce these innocent young men (yes and as a mother of two young men I did realise that 15 year old boys/men were not so innocent)  But it still made me think that it was not right.  After all, sex with an underage girl gets men into jail!

It hit home recently for me.....

MM - he doesnt look that young
Those that know me, know that I love motorsports and this weekend past, the MotoGP was on.  I marvel at those young men controlling those big mean machines,  and when I say young men, I really mean young.  One of them, he actually won the race for the Moto2 category, Mark Marquez is all of 19.  Yes you read right, 19!!

MM in middle, yes he is that young!
I have never  lusted after young men, and I am horrified each time a young man flirts with me but this time I watched with fascination at this lovely young man on the podium fresh from his victory looking so excited, happy and glowing.  He stood there on the podium licking his lips , alot, it was quite mesmerising.  Then I felt horrible, and I mean really horrible that this young man could invoke feelings of lust in me!!  It wasn't that I wanted to jump this young man, far from it.  But watching him made me realise that no matter how old we get, the sight of a beautiful young person does do things to ones libido!

I sincerely hope that I am not turning into some lustful old woman trying to hump every young man that crosses her path.  Its horrible just thinking about it!!

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