Monday, 24 September 2012

to dye or not to dye

I turn 50 in a few days
I only recently, say about 2 years or so ago,  started adding chemicals to my hair to keep the grey away.  I never really bothered about it until it started to become really noticeable.  I dislike fussing with my hair and doing anything about it, but looking at the grey, it was becoming apparrant that something had to be done.
The grey was aging me!  But I was getting older, try as hard as you want, you cant reverse it, even with cosmetic surgery.  The question I have to ask myself is, Do I really want to pass off as someone ten years younger or do I want to look my real age?
One part of me wants to leave the grey alone, another part of me keeps looking in the mirror and is horrified at the abundance of grey.  When I was much younger and had a full head of jet black hair, I used to say that I would never dye my hair, that is when I also realised 'never say never'.  So I have let vanity rule my head, in more ways than one!! I have succumbed and become one of the millions of women who cannot believe that they are getting older.  

We all love to be able to look younger, to have someone remark that we dont look our age.  It gives us a little boost to our fragile egos that we still look good and have people admire us, even if is in a backhanded compliment like ' you look good for your age'.  I like watching the surprise in peoples faces when they realise how old I really am. I dont advertise my age but you can see the mental calculations going on in their heads when I get asked and tell them how old my children are.

So in a way maybe I should keep adding chemicals to my head ( I sure hope they , the chemicals,   dont seep into my brain and turn me into some zombie in a few years .... oh wait how cool would that be!)  anyway.....
So the answer to the question of to dye or not, is, Yes.  The dyeing will continue.  Now to think about how to deal with white pubes!!

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  1. miss thang! Do yo thang! Whatever makes you happy. I've been dying my hair since i was 14.