Thursday, 13 September 2012

Paris will have to wait

I planned to go to Europe this autumn and I was looking forward to visiting Rome, Florence, Naples and Paris.  Then to be realistic we (my cousin and I ) shortened it to just Paris and the UK (the UK as we have a sister and a brother each that live there).
But now we aren't going anywhere.

I am disappointed as I have been planning this from the beginning of this year but I guess this is where I have to suck it up and think of someone else before me.
My cousin hasn't had a very good year, she has had to deal with the pain of selling a home she loved and see her marriage come to an end. She bought a new place and with all that has been happening, a trip to Paris and the UK wasn't going to do her pockets or her peace of mind, any good.

So Paris and Rome and Florence will just have to wait ..........

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