Tuesday, 11 September 2012

my friend murphy

He loves me methinks
cos what can go wrong generally does for me

I came home last night around 10.15pm after having a birthday dinner at Mum's (mum turned 75 yesterday) and the lock on my front door seemed a bit odd.  Luckily son no 2 was home to let me in.  But when he locked the door, it jammed.  It does do that sometimes so I thought by morning it might be ok.   But as I had an early morning crew call, I thought I had better let the project team know that I may have a problem getting out of my home.
And of course I did.  I was up at 5.30am to get ready for our early morning crew call and I couldnt open the door.  It was jammed. Fucking lock just wouldnt open (note to self, when something jams like that the night before, it generally will be the same in the bloody morning!).  I was trapped in my own home.  Which does beg the question, why didnt they make a back door or fire exit in these government built flats for the majority of the citizens.  Do flats/apartments have a back door to escape?
Google, being the best friend that he/she is,  threw up a few 24 hour locksmiths that I could call.  They lie, they arent 24hrs, they dont answer their fucking phones!
the unhinged lock!
The first one I got (finally) said he could only come at 11am.  The next one didnt understand what I was saying and the third (yes i didnt miss the third time lucky reference) said ok will be there at 8am.  He finally arrived at 9.30am. knocking on my door and asking for me to slide the front door key to him through the tiny gap under the door.  So he managed to open it and it took him all of 15 minutes to change the lock and make my pockets lighter by $100.  I did try to put on the 'pity me I am a little ol woman' look and ask for a discount.  But he wasnt having any of it.

Its been a terrible start to the week, with Monday, well it was just that, a Monday, and of course today.  One can just hope Murphy will take his laws and piss off somewhere else where he isnt wanted and just stay away from me!

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