Tuesday, 4 September 2012

airline food, a holiday and detox

I started my detox 3 weeks ago and it just so happened to coincide with my sudden decision to fly to Perth for a bit of a break.  I had to see this detox through to determine what was making me bloated, gassy and very uncomfortable.

Well suffice to say detox and holidays are a bad mix.  I had a long list of things I couldn't eat or drink.  No coffee, no alcohol, no sugars, no fruit, no gluten, no dairy, no tomatoes, no avocados, no mushrooms, no preservatives, the list was endless.  Here I was in the land of fresh fruit, wine and dairy and I couldn't indulge in any of it. It was a very very hard thing to do.  I managed to stay off gluten  (98% of the time), fruit and some dairy but the rest was too hard.  Especially walking past those sinfully luscious gelatos.
What I hadnt realised was that I also had to restrict my food on the flight to Perth, a gluten and dairy free meal is what I opted for.  I was a little excited about that as I was going to be one of those people that always got their food first.  Well..... it wasnt anything to get excited about.....but I did learn one thing, that rice crackers are probably the one thing I will not be adding to my interesting repertoire of gluten free snacks.

On the whole the holiday was a good break even if I had to be creative with food.  Australia is a good destination if you are looking at options for the gluten intolerant.  They even had gluten free bread in the supermarkets.  (no we dont get it in Singapore!!)  I usually bring back loads of chocolates and cheese from my holidays in Australia but this time I didn't.  I came back with red and black Quinoa, olive oil, herbal teas, variations of brown rice and fresh nuts and dried fruit.  A lifestyle change indeed!

I am still going to try to stay off certain foods, like gluten and reintroduce slowly all those that I had to forgo during detox to see what else contributes to my rather embarrassing gassy state. It is getting better and I feel better too ( look better too if the admiring glances from all those foreign workers is anything to go by!)
A new me is emerging, healthier and better informed about what I put into my mouth (hmm well yes what I put into my mouth isnt always something I swallow but thats another post altogether!! )


  1. Good for you! I have a restricted diet too, so I sympathize, it isn't easy traveling when you're limited in what you can eat.

    1. a restricted diet sucks, but am learning slowly that its all for my own good!