Friday, 14 September 2012

my true self

There does come a point where I wonder if I am sharing too much on this blog.  But then that was the whole reason I started this writing thing.  Too many voices in the head.  Too many thoughts that needed an outlet for processing.

I haven't told everyone I know about my blog, I haven't advertised it on facebook, or put a link on facebook either. I have my uncles and aunts on facebook  and I doubt they would want to read about my sex life (or lack of it).  and we all know how I feel about facebook too!
 I wanted this blog to be an honest outlet for my emotions, my life and for it to be a good representation of who I am.  But I hesitate to talk about my depression, the suicidal thoughts.  Yes, there have been really dark days for me, days when I stand at my kitchen window and wonder what it would feel like if I stepped off the ledge.  Living on the 13th storey of an apartment building does have its interesting moments!
I haven't been open about my love life recently as its been a roller coaster this past few months.  Right now its getting confusing and I dont know what to do. 

Sharing is new to me, I have always been this extremely private person and have bottled everything up, writing this is like my very own therapy free of charge. Putting pen to paper, or in this case, pounding away at the keyboard,  does make me feel better.
So will I be true to myself and open up about everything..... Warts and all.  hmmm.....

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